Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lightning show..

Show tonight we had a really cool lightning show right behind/over us, it mad the power flicker a couple of time but it never took it out completely, it was a little scary at time I don't mind when it is a ways away but when it is right over us and you think it is going to hit right in your yard it gets a little creepy..  This is just a little video I got just as it was moving away from us I didn't dare go out while it was right over us to try to get some cool video of it..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Matt told me awhile ago that I could have a dog so I have been getting on KSL every month and looking for a puppy, not a full grow dog, and I finally found one that Matt said I could have. He is a mut not a pure bread, he is a Newfoundland Lab Springer Spaniel cross he is black and white peppered with one black ear. I just thought they were so cute I cant wait to get him on Saturday if  I had the money today I would go get him.  I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I really wish I had pictures to show everybody of our days that I wrote about but I don't sorry.


Tuesday Matt Shooter Bryan and I went for a ride we got to the china hat store stopped and got something to drink and went on our way about two min. after that Shooter fell out of the back of the truck we got him back in there and started again then Matt decided he was not acting right so we took him to see the vet he was closed so  we had to call him in and look at him. There was nothing wrong with him he took ex-rays and everything and sent us home with a good bill and some pain pills.

Swimming pool.

Yesturday mom Amy and the kids and Malinda and Josh and Bryan and I went to the swimming pool in lava it was nice to get out of the house and do something. Bryan really liked the water after we got him use to it. Grandma bought him a little flout tube so that he could just relax in it he manly just fell asleep in it but he did like it. We then went to Fat Jacks to get a milkshake.  It was a really nice to get out of the house and do something.  

Day out.

So I guess I should up date my blog since I haven't for awhile. Last weekend we went up to where mom, dad, Chet, and Stacy were camping and spent the day with them. Matt Chet and I went to the archery rang and shot our bows, dad and Jared showed up on the 4 wheelers when we were just about done. We then went down and I played in the creek with the kids for a little bit while Chet Matt Jared and dad went back up the archery rang because I guess they missed a couple of targets. When they got back we were getting ready to leave and Matt asked me if I would drive the truck back I asked him why and he told me because he was going to steal a 4 wheeler, so I drove the truck back to camp and Chet came with me.  We got back and they started playing on the 4 wheelers some more and took the kids for a ride and just before dinner Matt Chet and I went for a quick ride to see where this trail went. We never did find where it went.  We then ate dinner then after dinner Amy David and the kids and Jared and Sativia and the baby went home so we asked mom if she would watch Bryan and Chet and Stacys kids and we all went for a ride up Copenhagen basin.  It was a fun little ride we got up to the top and seen a moose and Chet and Matt went to go see how close they could get to it and Chet wanted to take pictures of it.  He got some really good pictures and Stacy and I were waiting for the moose to chase them because he was watching them really close. We got back to camp and loaded everything to go home and Matt and I went home.  The next day Matt went up to lava and went for a ride to see if he could see any animals, Jared went with him and i guess they never did see anything then when they got back Matt helped Jared move pipe.