Thursday, September 29, 2011

Up at the farm.

So the other day we went to mom and dads (Egleys) Matt was helping dad around the farm and I was visiting with Sativa since mom was not home then when she got home me and adrina went down to moms so that I could get her out of Sativas hair for a little bit (she was driving mom nuts).  So we went down there for a little while, while Matt Jared and Dad went to set up duck blinds, duck season is just around the corner. Yay. Mom was taken pictures of Bryan when Matt and Jared showed up and he told us to come out side and us moms fancy camera to take pictures of what him and Jared got, the got turkeys so it looks like this year we are having wild turkey for thanksgiving. Then when Paytin and Sativa got down there mom was taken pictures of both kids till they got fussy. So it was a very eventful day for us it was a nice day to.

 The pictures mom got.