Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rolled over.

So Bryan is getting really good at rolling over now, now the next step is crawling he sill sit on his knees if mommy puts him there but he will get it soon enough.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First tooth...

This weekend was a very eventful weekend. We had a baptism we had a blessing and family pictures and we also found out that Ben is getting married, so it was quit the weekend, but it ended good I got to see the whole Egley family which is always nice. So Sunday night after Matt, Bryan and I got back to soda we came over to my moms house and I was sitting on the cough with Bryan and all he wanted to do was chew on my hand and at first I didn't want him to but then I let him and when he bit down on my finger I could feel the tooth that he has been trying to get to come through it finally came through. Its so weird to think that my baby boy is 5 months old already he is just growing up so fast and I am so happy that he is doing it in a happy healthy way.  Mommy is so prod of her baby boy.

Well we now have another tooth that came through the other day, I can't wait for them to be all here so I can have my happy baby without the I will be happy for a couple of days then i will be fussy for a few days, I just really like it when he is happy all the time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Bryan

Well I know I have not put anything on here for a little while about the baby but I always forget so he is getting so big he can now sit up by himself and yesterday and the day before that he rolled over all by himself I am so proud of him I can not wait for him to start walking and talking and doing all the other fun stuff with him. Also today he took his first family pictures with mommy and daddy and the egley family I don't know how well he really liked that but we got some good pictures with him.